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Mystery Dick

Mystery Dick - Pestrepeller - Compilations - Sampled by other artists

As Mystery Dick

(Mystery Dick = Ed Pinsent, Harley Richardson)

One Note Mind CD(R)
Mr E Disks MRE-CDR0001
Released July 2001

The first release from our archive of home recordings. A beautiful low-fi organ and feedback drone, disrupted by bursts of violent amplifier/delay pedal interaction, all played on one note (or thereabouts).

1. One Note Mind (38:11)

One Note Mind excerpt (mp3, size 475KB, length 2:41, reduced quality)

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In the City of Violent Giants CD-R in 7" sleeve, Limited Edition of 50
Aural Detritus audet002
Released May 2014

Live at the Phoenix Arts Centre, Brighton, as part of the 2012 Aural Detritus Concert Series.

1. In the City of Violent Giants (32:06)

In the City of Violent Giants excerpt (mp3)

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As Pestrepeller

(Pestrepeller = Ed Pinsent, Harley Richardson, Savage Pencil)

Rodent and Insect Eliminator CD
Sympathy for the Record Industry SFTRI 443
Recorded 14 October 1995 - Released ???DATE???

1. Rodent and Insect Eliminator (61:09)

Savage, noisy, and sprawling improv from one of AWP's earliest sessions, subtly but effectively refined and remixed from no-fi to low-fi by Gary Ramon of Sundial.

"A quick trip to a psychedelic plane where Sun Ra's rocksichord pumps up the volume alongside krautrock kozmik kouriers Ash Ra Temple, while the long shadow of Dada godfather Marcel Duchamp blots out the sun."

"The thing about the band name and the album title is -- well, they're not really kidding. [... It] most of the time really does sound like an amplified version of one of those white noise generators that you're supposed to plug into your lawn to make gophers and moles scurry away. The only question is whether or not that sounds like something you're likely to want to listen to."
Stewart Mason, All Music Guide (see the whole review)

Rodent and Insect Eliminator extract (mp3, size 418KB, length 1:25, reduced quality)

Available from Sympathy for the Record Industry

Nug Yar

Nug Yar LP
Prescription DRUG 4
Recorded 15 February 1997 - Released 1998

1. Sour, Sunk and The World Looks Punk
2. Wake Up Your Liver Bile

Producer and guest drummer Gary Ramon brought out the Krautrock in us during these gloopy and bubbly tracks... you'll never need to visit the Marianna Trench again. Sav X plays bass. At least one member of Pestrepeller was pissed off while this LP was recorded and his anger and frustration are plain to hear - all the better for you dear listener.

Limited 'artefact snob' edition of 99 copies, one of a series of 4 records supposedly recorded on antique equipment, by various artists - SOLD OUT.

The Cruel Sea The Cruel Sea CD(R)
Mr E Disks MRE-CDR0002
Recorded 15th Feb 1998 - Released 6th Nov 2003

1. The Wreck of the Mary Bell
2. A Band on Ship
3. Distress Call
4. Lost Sirens
5. Those in Peril on the Sea
6. The Drunken Sailor / Snuff

Cruel Sea excerpt (mp3, size 472KB, length 1:36, reduced quality)

Nautical-flavoured improv battle between a moog-wielding Pestrepeller and the Chelsea Madrigal Group, singing to save their lives. Our wildest recording yet!

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Isle of Dark Magick Isle of Dark Magick CD
Important Records IPT86 (P)
Recorded 10th Feb 2001 - Released 23rd May 2006


  1. Mold with a Mind (14:11)
  2. No Screeches and Snakes and Deep Dark Menaces (07:09)
  3. My Gun Scatters, My Gun Kills (19:01)
  4. Dismembered Dead Things (14:54)
  5. The Smell of Wet Fur in the Rain (06:05)
  6. Teaching the Clouds to be Inverted Flames (12:35) Listen to an excerpt

Prepare yourself for this gem of free-improvised-found-sound-collage enriched with dark pagan folky vibes and supernatural horror noise dedicated to HP Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith and Austin Osman Spare!

Honourary Pestrepeller members on this release: voice artiste and blues musician Rob Brown and ex-Medicine Head member Peter Hope-Evans.

Cover art is an image supplied by Martin Stone, guitarist with MIGHTY BABY and CHILI WILLI AND THE RED HOT PEPPERS.

This record was produced and recorded by former members of cult bands THE HOMOSEXUALS and MILK FROM CHELTENHAM.

"With security the most amusing and also entrueckteste Improv CD of the yearly... Before five years [Pestrepeller] left in the Londoner studio all raus, of which small girls are afraid: zerkratzte and infiltrated if Folk Attitueden, which marches loud monotonous or pedals on the place, form the wobbly surface, on which old, concrete-placed underneath electronics and adamitische Vocals between first word and bright frightening grow together to hippieskem Surrealismus. Despite that she encircling and actually pleasantly looking fabulous creatures in the form of houses and huts on the Cover, will awake the delicate Alice naturally not from her nightmareful drug intoxication. Parallel the black prince for responsible is explained, to Robinson Crusoe however must wait further for the day before yesterday."
(Roughly translated excerpts of a review by Ed Benndorf from De:Bug Magazine, Sept 2006, Germany)

"Isle of Dark Magick has a chilling sense of dread about it... perfectly primed for reading horror novel or late night wonderings... Odd half sounds appear and disappear that could be human or animal, or beast from out of our time... Enter at your own peril, but remember to have your imagination plugged in."
(from a review by Roger Batty, Music Machine)

"This is a well crafted soundscape of harsh drones with disturbingly pleasant overtones. All the songs sound very deliberate, as if the artists deliberately intended to wedge a sonic crowbar into your brain and lean on it, slowly exposing your consciousness to daylight and your subconscious at the same time. Sonically, the phrase “dark squeal drone” will have to suffice, except for track 5, the only track with lyrics, which seems to be a gentle reminder not to take the CD too seriously. This disc is good medicine: it’s a little tough to swallow, but you’ll feel better for it. Brilliant and masterful."
(KFJC On-Line Reviews)

"Channelling early Tangerine Dream through a series of spasmodic communal freakouts, Pestrepeller's droning jams combine trancelike noise with electric squalls, sci-fi keyboard sounds and wordless vocal chants. Hope-Evens's hammy voiceover on "The Smell of Wet Fur In The Rain" threatens to tip the whole thing over into absurdity, but the epic sprawl and sustained impact of the music retain an undiluted potency".
(Tom Ridge, The Wire, July 2006)

Isle of Old Dark Magick [sic] also appeared in The Wire's Office Ambience playlist in the August 2006 issue.

"There's a kind of loopy charm to the oddball British band Pestrepeller, a collection of artist-musicians who specialize in random electronic noises that alternate between the spooky chaos of "Dismembered Dead Things" ... and the Brian Eno-style ambience of "No Screeches and Snakes and Deep Dark Menaces."
(CD Universe)

"Pestrepeller treat you on a considerable wodge of free-improvised-found-sound-collage. There they throw still a much more considerable part of pagan folk vibes and supernatural horror noise across. The result is, trippy dark and psyhedelic and at the most beautiful moments a splattering mix of dada and Sun Ra."
(rough Babelfish translation of a Dutch review on Konkurrent)

Read this Boomkat review (with excerpts).

Order now from (£9.99 including post - UK only), from your favourite discerning online record outlet, or direct from Important Records.

Aswolf picture disc PESTREPELLER / MY CAT IS AN ALIEN - Aswolf / Solar Anarchy picture disc LP
A Silent Place IPT86 (P)
Recorded September 2006 - Released February 2009


PESTREPELLER - Aswolf (20:42) Listen to an excerpt
MY CAT IS AN ALIEN - Solar Anarchy

Pestrepeller join forces with the Opalio Brothers for an incredible limited edition split album; also a picture disc with mind-bending artwork by Pestrepeller's Savage Pencil and My Cat Is An Alien's Robert Opalio. The Pestrepeller side is a twenty-minute psychedelic epic that starts with a journey through a wind tunnel and ends up on the back of a giant churning bass-driven streamroller which flattens all in its path. This sees the core Pestrepeller trio of Sav X, Ed and Harley joined by 1) Sharon Gal on aforementioned bass and 2) returning collaborator Peter Hope-Evans. We'll tell you about the MCIAA side when we hear it. Produced by Toby Robinson of Nazgul 'fame'.

Read the Press release.

Limited Edition of 500 copies, available from Rhythm Online.

On compilations

Noises for the Limb

V/A - Noises for the Limb - a tribute to the Bonzo Dog Band CD
Wood Records wd69
Released October 2003

Includes the following track by Pestrepeller:
'Noises for the Leg'

The original Bonzo Band version of 'the Leg' imagines the theramin being played at a medieval English court. The short version (a paltry 5 mins) of our cover extends this into a scrumptious keyboard and moog piece which sits neatly amongst an appropriately eclectic and eccentric set of modern reworkings of Bonzo gems.

Noises for the Leg extract (mp3, size 242KB, length 0:49, reduced quality)

A limited edition of 499, available via the Wood Records website.

Four Years in 30 Seconds

V/A - Four Years in 30 Seconds LP / CD
Dirter Promotions ???LP cat??? / DPROMCD 45
Released 1997

Includes the following tracks by Pestrepeller:
'Maximum Yak Satisfaction' + (CD only) 'noitcafsitaS kaY mumixaM'

Snatches of abstract sounds from the likes of Faust, Merzbow, Lee Ranaldo and Konstruktivists. Every track on this concept release is 30 seconds long. The CD includes the entire LP twice (once forwards, once backwards). A great introduction to 'noise' music.

Spooky Sounds of Now

V/A - Spooky Sounds of Now Book & CD
Vesuvius Book + CD
Released 1997 - Edited / compiled by Marc Baines

CD includes the following Mystery Dick track:
'Scream Birds'

A beautifully-packaged horror-themed collection of comic strips, artwork and music from some cracking underground artists and musicians - John Bagnall, Yo La Tengo, Ron Rege, Jad Fair, Chris Reynolds, Two Dollar Guitar, The Yummy Fur, for starters. Mystery Dick's contribution is a death march recorded the day of Princess Diana's funeral.

V/A - Sunken Chambers Cassette
Racing Room Tapes
Released 1996 - Compiled by Kyran Lynn

Includes an excerpt from the notorious 'Volcano tape' by Ed Pinsent & Harley Richardson.

Sampled by other artists

EAR - Pestrepeller

EAR - Pestrepeller CD/LP
Ochre Records OCH009LV / OCH009LCD
Released 12th July 1999

Includes 'Beyond the Point of No Return' (parts I & II)

Sonic Boom used AWP's 'Rodent and Insect Eliminator' CD as the sound source for these two tracks, transforming it unrecognisably in the process. The result sounds like a procession of spacecraft taking off from the Moon.

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